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Epson : Projectors - Lamps
Epson V13H010L63 Replacement Lamp - To Suit Epson EB-G5650W/G5750WU/G5800/G5950 Projector$686.35
Epson V13H010L72 Replacement Lamp - To Suit Epson Z-Series Projector$689.45
Epson V13H010L81 Replacement Lamp - To Suit Epson Z10000UNL, Z10005UNL, Z9870UNL, Z9750UNL, Z11000WNL, Z9900WNL, Z9800WNL, Z11005NL, Z9870NL Projector$689.45
Epson V13H010L83 Replacement UHE Projector Lamp - Portrait Mode - Single
- For Epson EB-Z9750U/Z9870U/Z10000U/Z10005U/Z9900W/Z11000/Z11005/Z11000W (Portrait Projection)
Epson V13H010L32 Replacement Lamp - To Suit EMP740/745/750/760/765$702.10
Epson V13H010L46 Replacement Lamp - for EB-G5200W, EB-G5350$733.70
Epson V13H010L15 Lamp for EMP-600/800/811/820$740.05
Epson V13H010L31 Lamp for EMP-830/EMP-835$765.35
Epson V13H010L14 Lamp for EMP-715/703/505$781.00
Epson V13H010L10B Lamp for EMP-500/700$818.40
Epson V13H010L28 Replacement Lamp - To Suit TW200/TW200H/TW500$834.90
Epson V13H010L27 Lamp For EMP-74 Projector$882.40
Epson V13H010L22 Lamp for EMP-7800$900.65
Epson V13H010L09 Lamp for EMP-5350/7250/7350$948.75
Epson V13H010L12 Lamp for EMP-5600/7700/7600$948.75
Epson V13H010L18 Lamp for EMP-720/730/735$948.75
Epson V13H010L52 Replacement Lamp - To Suit Epson ELP52, EB-Z8000WU, Z8000WUNL, Z8050W, Z8050WNL Projector$986.70
Epson V13H010L26 Replacement Lamp - To Suit EMP-9300$1,042.35
Epson V13H010L11 Lamp for EMP-8100/8150$1,043.60
Epson V13H010L73 Replacement Lamp - To Suit Epson PowerLite Pro Z8250NL, Z8255NL, Z8450WUNL, Z8455WUNL Projector$1,099.25
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