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BenQ S11 Pico Projector - Orange with Black
- HD 1080p, Digital Zoom, 3.5" Touchscreen LCD, 5.0 Mega Pixel, Assist LED Light
BenQ MX532 XGA Data Projector - 1024x768, 3200 Lumens, 15000;1, HDMI, 3D Ready$537.90
BenQ MW533 DLP Projector - 1280x800, 3300 Lumens, 15000;1, HDMI, 3D Ready$631.40
BenQ MW665 DLP Projector - 1280x800, 3200 Lumens, 13000;1, 3500Hrs, VGA, HDMI, RCA, RS232, USB, RJ45, Speakers$647.90
BenQ MH534 DLP Full HD Projector - 1920x1080, 3300 Lumens, 15000;1, HDMI, BluRay, 3D Ready$836.85
BenQ MW665+ DLP Projector - 1280x800, 3200 Lumens, 13000;1, VGA, HDMI, RS232, RJ45, Speakers$840.40
BenQ MW824ST DLP Projector - 1280x800, 3200 Lumens, 13000;1, 4000Hrs, VGA, HDMI, USB, RS232, Speakers$845.80
BenQ MW632ST DLP Projector - WXGA, 3200ANSI, 13000;1, HDMI, 10W x1, 3D Ready$857.60
BenQ MX704 DLP Business Projector - 1024x768, 4000 Lumens, 13000;1, 3000Hrs, VGA, HDMI, MHL, USB, RS232, Speakers$887.80
BenQ MW705 Business DLP Projector - 1280x800, 4000 Lumens, 13000;1, 3000Hrs, VGA, HDMI, MHL, RS232, USB, Speakers$947.15
BenQ TH683 DLP Projector, Full HD, 3200ANSI, 10000;1, HDMI, 10W x1, Blu Ray 3D Ready$977.90
BenQ GP20 DLP Projector - 1280x800, 700 Lumens, 100,000;1, 30,000Hrs, VGA, HDMI, SD Slot, USB, Speakers$1,183.70
BenQ TH682ST Portable DLP Projector - 1920x1080, 3000 Lumens, 10000;1, 8000Hrs, VGA, HDMI, S-Video, Speakers$1,242.45
BenQ MH684 DLP Projector - FHD, 3500ANSI, 13000;1, HDMI, 10W x1, MHL, Wireless (Via QCast Dongle)$1,264.60
BenQ MH741 DLP Projector - FHD, 4000ANSI, 10000;1, HDMI, MHL, 10W x1, 2D Keystone, 3D Ready$1,451.00
BenQ W1210ST DLP Projector, FHD, 2200ANSI, 15000;1, HDMI, 10W x2, 3D BluRay Ready$1,646.05
BenQ MW883UST DLP Projector - WXGA, 3300ANSI, 10000;1, HDMI, 10W x2, LAN Control, USB Display, 3D Ready, Wall Mount, Wireless (via QCast Dongle)$1,672.45
BenQ MH856UST DLP Projector - 1920x1080, 3500 Lumens, 10,000;1, 3000Hrs, VGA, HDMI, USB, Speakers$1,694.00
BenQ SW921 WXGA Projector - 1280x800, 5000 Lumens, 5000;1, HDMI, Lan Control$1,706.10
BenQ LX810STD Laser Projector - 1024x768, 3000 Lumens, 100000;1, 20000Hrs, VGA, HDMI, LAN, Speakers$1,879.90
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