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Evolis : Printer Supplies - Ink + Paper Packs
Evolis Badgy CBGR0500K 1 Black Monochrome Ribbon - For 500 Prints$47.50
Evolis Badgy BDG206EU Black Monochrome Ribbon 600 Printers - To Suit Badgy1-Basic Only$48.50
Evolis Badgy BDG204EU YMCKO Ribbon - 100 Prints, For Evolis Badgy1 (First Generation)
- Cleaning Kit Included (Cotton Swab + Adhesive Card)
Evolis Badgy CBGR0100C 1 YMCKO Color Ribbon - For 100 Prints$67.50
Evolis Badgy VBDG205EU = BDG205EU consumable kit - 100 PVC thick cards, and 1 x colour ribbon for 100 prints cleaning kit - for badgy1 basic only.$93.10
Evolis Badgy CBGP0001C Full kit for 100 prints - To Suit Badgy100 & Badgy200$93.15
Evolis Badgy C4002 - 0.50mm Blank White PVC Cards - 500 Pack$113.85
Evolis : Printer Supplies - Ink Cartridges
Evolis YMCKO-K 6-Panel Colour Print Ribbon - 200 Prints/Roll$189.75
Evolis : Printer Supplies - Paper - Other
Evolis Badgy CBGC0020W 100 Thin Blank PVC Cards 0.50mm (20 Mil) - 1 Box Of 100 Cards$30.00
Evolis ACL008 Badgy Cleaning Kit - Includes 2 x T-Shaped Cleaning Cards and a Cleaning Pen$33.00
Evolis Badgy CBGC0030W 100 Thick Blank PVC Card - 0.76mm (30 Mil) - 2 Boxes of 50 Cards$33.00
Evolis ACL004 Badgy T-Shaped Cleaning Cards x 10$72.70
Evolis Badgy Mylar Self-Adhesive 0.25mm PVC Card (Adhere to Proximity Cards) - 100 Pack$95.15
Evolis Badgy C4001 - 0.76mm Blank White PVC Cards - 500 Pack$125.00
Evolis C8001 30mm Matt Black PVC Cards - 5-Pack/100 Cards$257.40
Evolis C8122 20MIL Long Matt Black PVC Cards - 5-Pack/100 Cards$330.00
Evolis C8152 20MIL Long Matt Black PVC Cards - 5-Pack/100 Cards$389.40


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