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iBaby M7

iBaby M7 Monitor - White :: M7


Building on the previous success of the iBaby M6S, iBaby Labs would like to announce the next evolution in their product range. Introducing the iBaby Monitor M7, the total baby care system. The iBaby Monitor M7 has incredible features that promote safety, early development, and health.


Full 1080p Video Resolution 

Crystal clear viewing, day or night. The infrared night vision allows users to even view their little one in pitch darkness. When the lights are on, users can clearly see every corner in the room in portrait or landscape modes.


Built-In Moonlight Projector/Soother 

Stimulate your baby?s eye and brain development with soothing moon and star projections. The new Moonlight Soother can be paired with lullabies to create a light show just for your little one.


Dual band router support (2.4GHz and 5GHz)


Smart Smell Sensors 

Never miss another diaper change! Smart smell sensors detect soiled garments and dirty diapers in the room. That way, users will know when a diaper change is needed from a mile away and before making your little one uncomfortable.


Smart Sensors &Alerts 

Sound and motion sensors push alerts when activated. Users will also receive temperature, humidity, and air quality reports if activated so you're always in the know.


Two-Way Audio Speakers 

Two-way audio will allow you to talk to your baby when you?re away. Play lullabies and bedtime stories pre-loaded in the app or connect to your own music library for a personalised touch.


SoS Button 

SoS button is located on the baseplate and can be used in the event of an emergency. The button pushes notifications to linked devices to alerting everyone something is wrong.


Link to product page    $385.95
iBaby M2S

iBaby M2S Plus Monitor - White :: M2S


The iBaby Monitor M2S Plus is a fully loaded baby monitoring system in a compact design. With the iBaby Care App, you can play, care, and rock out with your little one from anywhere in the world!


Smart Sensors and Alerts 

When sound or motion sensors are activated, the iBaby Monitor M2S Plus will send mobile alerts, record videos, or take photos so you?ll see exactly what happened.


Access Anywhere 

You can access the monitor from anywhere. The Wi-Fi enabled monitor allows you to access the monitor using any smart device. Then, simply switch to your 4G/LTE network when you?re on the go!


Listen, Talk, &Play Music 

Two-way audio will allow you to talk to your baby when you?re away. Play from a full collection of pre-loaded sounds and lullabies. You can even connect your own music library!


Temp and Humidity Sensors 

Keep your baby comfortable with the iBaby Monitor M2S Plus temperature and humidity sensors. Get reports right on your smartphone!


1080p Video w/ Night Vision 

Does your baby have night owl tendencies? iBaby Monitor M2S Plus night vision and 1080p resolution with zoom allow you to see your baby even when the lights go out.


Unlimited Users &Monitors 

Invite an unlimited number of users to access the iBaby Monitor M2S Plus device. Easily share every precious moment with the whole family!


Link to product page    $219.70