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Smanos W020+IP6

Smanos W020+IP6 WiFi Alarm System + WiFi Cam Kit - White :: W020+IP6

Smanos W020+IP6 WiFi Alarm System + WiFi Cam Kit


W020-IP6 bundle kit is with one more HD WiFi camera than standard alarm kit. It offers you a sense of security that is easily visible and palpable. In the unfortunate event of a break-in, gas leak, fire or flooding, not only will you get an App notification in real time, you will also be able to look in on the scene to determine the proper course of action to take. No matter you are at work, on trip or on holiday, you can have full remote control and monitor of your home.


Model No: W020
Power Input: DC 12V 500mA
BatteryAA 1.5V LR6 x 4pcs
Standby Current: <30uA
Alarm Current: <200mA
Internal Siren:1 05dB (High Volume)
Expandable Accessories: 10 remote controls, 30 sensors
Radio Frequency: 915 MHz(75KHz)
Housing Material: ABS Plastic
Operation Condition: Temperature 0C ~ +55C
Humidity = 80% (non-condensing)
Dimensions(LWH):117 x 118.5 x 40.5mmModel No: IP6
Image sensor: Sony 1/3" CMOS sensor
Min. illumination Color: [email protected] (F1.2, AGC ON)
Black and white [email protected] (F1.2, AGC ON)
Shutter time: 1/50s to 1/100,000s
Lens: 2.4mm F2.0
Angle of view: 110
Video compression: H.264
Bit rate: Self-adaption
Max. image resolution: 1280 x 720
Frame rate: 30fps (1280 720)
Storage: Built-in microSD card slot, up to 32GB
Wireless standards: IEEE802.11b/g/n
Frequency range: 2.4 GHz ~ 2.4835 GHz
Channel bandwidth:20/40MHz Support
Operating conditions Temperature: -30 C - 60 C (-22 F - 140 F)
Humidity: < 95% (non-condensing)
Power supply: DC 5V 1A
Power consumption: 5W MAX
Dimensions(L x W x H): 80 x 80 x 150 mm


W020 WiFi Alarm System 1
IP6 HD WiFi Camera x 1
MD2300 Wireless PIR Motion Detector 1
DS2300 Wireless Door/Window Contact 1
RE2300 Wireless Remote Control 2

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Smanos MD2300

Smanos MD2300 PIR Motion Detector - White :: MD2300

MD2300Wireless PIR Motion Detector

Product Description

Leveraging proprietary infrared technology, fuzzy logic and sophisticated algorithm, the sensor accurately detects human body movements within an approximate range of 8 meters, and effectively cuts down on interference and false alarms with automatic temperature compensation and anti-draft technology. The unit works well in the corner of a lobby, hall or corridor. 


  • Power Supply:
    DC 3V (1.5V AA battery x 2)
  • Static Current:
    = 50 uA
  • Alarm Current:
    = 11 mA
  • Detection Scope:
  • Transmitting Distance:
    = 80 m (open area/no interference)
  • Radio Frequency:
    868 MHz (75KHz)
  • Housing Material:
    ABS plastic
  • Operation Condition:
    Temperature:  -10C ~ +55C
    Relative Humidity:  =80% (Non-condensing)
  • Detector Dimensions (LxWxH):
    101.5 x 59 x 37.5 mm
  • Bracket Dimensions (LxWxH):
    60 x 29 x 27 mm

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Smanos W020

Smanos W020 WiFi Alarm System - White :: W020

WiFi Alarm System


Smart life

Security Beauty Comfort

All in Your Hands

W020 WiFi Alarm System

Security Simplified

The W020 is ready to go as soon as you connect it to your WiFi router. Add wireless sensors and accessories to the system directly on your smartphone app anytime as you wish, as your security or smart home needs evolve. smanos W020 is ideal for residences, SOHOs and small shops. 

Security in Disguise

smanos W020 comes with futuristic curved design and simplistic elegance, so it blends in well with almost any type of residential dcor. Discreet security that simply works is priceless.

Intuitive Operation

smanos W020 stays true to plug-and-play. Simply plug in the power, download the free iOS or Android app, setup WiFi with Smart Link, add and pair wireless sensors or accessories, and you go out to play with complete peace of mind! System maneuvers such as siren volume and time, exit and entry delays, sensor additions or deletions, and many more intuitive settings can all be done with a few swipes and taps on your smartphone.

As Easy As 123

Who knew security could be this sexy? With no wires and no fuss, smanos W020 is a smart system that will grow on you and grow with you. From door/window contacts and PIR motion sensors to flood, gas and smoke detectors, everything is wireless and will go wherever you want them to with 3M tapes, turning your security reinforcement into a fun DIY project. 

Security Redefined

Security resilience is built in the system, with 1 million radio frequency codes combinations.

Reliable Tech

With world-class, proprietary 868/915 MHz wireless protocol, smanos W020 ensures long-distance, interference-free communication within the system. It makes sure you get the call (in the form of push notifications).

On Guard 24/7

smanos W020 works around the clock and stays vigilant at all times without dozing off (like security guards do). Its backup battery ensures 60 hours of extra vigilance in the event of power outage or sabotage.

Digital Scarecrow

When smanos W020 is triggered, it goes off loud, formidably so. The system will also send you push notifications in real time, so you are always in the know no matter where you are.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Smartphones
Multiple family users and multiple smartphones (Android or iPhone) can access the same system at the same time. 
  • Model No.: W020
  • Power Supply:DC12V 500mA
  • Battery: AA 1.5V LR6 x 4pcs
  • Standby Current: <140ma>
  • Alarm Current: <270ma>
  • Internal Siren: 105dB (High Volume)
  • Expandable Accessories: 10 remote controls, 30 sensors
  • Radio Frequency: 868MHz or 915MHz
  • Housing Material: ABS plastic
  • Operation Condition: Temperature: -10C~+55C
  • Relative Humidity: <80%>
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 117 x 118.5 x 40.5mm

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