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IOGEAR GFR305SD Compact SDXC/MicroSDXC Card Reader/Writer - USB3.0, Black :: GFR305SD

Iogear GFR305SD Compact SDXC/MicroSDXC Card Reader/Writer - USB3.0, Black 

Compact USB 3.0 SDXC/MicroSDXC Card Reader/Writer Supporting SDXC and MicroSDXC cards of up to 128GB, IOGEAR's Compact USB 3.0 Card Reader/Writer is the perfect companion when you need to upload HD videos, high resolution images, or any other files that require high capacity. The slim and compact design allows for travel use as you can easily take it with you anywhere- giving you the freedom to share content from your smartphone, or tablet anytime. The GFR305SD is compatible with current generation card formats including SD, microSD, Mini SD*, and MMC*.Memory Card Reader for Smartphones, Tablets and Cameras 

USB's SuperSpeed transfer rate of up to 5Gbps is ideal for moving large files such as full-resolution photos, documents and videos between computers and mobile devices. The GFR3 5SD is the perfect companion for smartphones, tablets, cameras, etc.

  • FunctionGFR305SD
    USB SpecificationUSB 3.0, 2.0, and 1.1 Compliant
    Humidity20% ~ 90%
    Operation Temperature32 F ~ 140 F (0 C ~ 60 C)
    Operating System SupportWindows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Mac OS X+
    Flash MemorySD / SDHC / SCXC / MMC / MMC Micro / RS MMC* / Mini SD* / Micro SD *requires card adapter
    Power SupplyBus Powered
    Data RateUp to 5Gbps
    CapacitySupports memory cards up to 512GB
    POP Information
    10'' Peg Hook21
    6'' Peg Hook12
    Unit Dimensions
    Height0.69" (1.75cm)
    Depth0.31" (0.79cm)
    Length2.31" (5.87cm)
    Inner Pack
    Width6.88" (17.5cm)
    Height5.13" (13cm)
    Depth3" (7.62cm)
    Inner Pack Qty.6
    Unit Package Dimensions
    Width4.63" (11.76cm)
    Height6.5" (16.51cm)
    Depth0.63" (1.6cm)
    Master Carton
    Width14" (35.56cm)
    Height6.25" (15.88cm)
    Depth11.75" (29.85cm)
    Master Carton Qty.24
    Master Carton Wt.5.85lb (2.66kg)
    Inner Pack Wt.0.6lb (0.27kg)
    Unit Pack Wt.0.079lb (0.036kg)
    Unit Wt.0.015lb (0.007kg)


    - Supports: SD, miniSD*, microSD (128GB max) / T-Flash, MMC, MMC Plus*, RS-MMC*, MMC* Mobile (128GB max)- SuperSpeed data transfer - up to 5Gbps- Compliant with USB 3.0, 2.0 and 1.1 specification- USB powered no external AC adapter required* Requires card adapter


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IOGEAR GOFRH202 GoFor2+ - USB OTG Card Reader with Hub - To Suit Mobile Devices - Black :: GOFRH202

GoFor2+ -USB OTG Card Reader with Hub for Mobile Devices

USB On-The-Go Card Reader with Hub for Android Devices
The GoFor2+ USB OTG Card Reader and Hub works with select Android mobile devices as well as PC and Mac systems. The GoFor2+ is the perfect companion to your OTG compatible Android smartphone or tablet, as it can be used with an SD or micro SD card to increase the storage capacity of your mobile device. The GoFor2+ also serves as 3-port USB hub to connect a USB flash drive, keyboard and mouse to make working from your smartphone or tablet much easier.
What is USB On-The-Go (OTG)
USB On-The-Go, or just OTG for short, is a specification that allows USB devices like digital music players, smartphones, tablets, etc. to act as a host for attachment of USB peripherals such as memory card readers, USB flash drives, and other peripherals. With OTG compatibility, your smartphone or tablet functionality can be expanded beyond it's out-of-the-box capability.
Card Reader for Android Devices
Plug your SD or micro SD card* into the GoFor2+, then plug the GoFor2+'s micro USB connector into your Android device. You can view, transfer, add or delete music, images, documents, etc. to and from your mobile device or memory card.
USB Hub for Android Devices
The GoFor2+'s built-in 3-port USB hub supports connection of a keyboard, mouse and/or USB flash drive to expand the memory and increase productivity with your mobile device when typing emails, notes and tasks on your device while On-The-Go. You can even connect a USB printer to print photos and documentsdirectly from your smartphone or tablet.
Compatible Android devices
This is a partial list of OTG compatible Android devices, so if your device is not listed but does have Android 4.0 or above, please check with your device manufacturer.
  • Acer Iconia Tab A200
  • Acer Iconia Tab A500
  • Archos G9
  • Droid RAZR
  • Droid RAZR MAXX
  • Galaxy Nexus 7**
  • Galaxy Nexus**
  • HTC Butterfly
  • Motorola Xoom
  • Notion Ink Adam
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (S2)
  • Samsung Galaxy S III (S3)
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • Sony Tablet S
  • Sony Xperia Z
  • Toshiba Excite 10
Up to 32GB in OTG use, 64GB limit for PC/Mac use
Although the Galaxy Nexus family supports many USB accessories, it does not support mass storage devices, like USB thumbdrives.
  • SD/microSD card reader plus built-in 3-Port USB Hub designed for use with USB OTG compliant smartphones and tablets
  • Perfect for adding storage to mobile devices or transferring files
  • Add storage plus USB peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, printer and scanner
  • Works with USB On-The-Go compatible devices including Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4, etc.
  • Supports SDXC/microSDXC cards and USB flash drives
  • Plug-n-Play
Please see for a list of compatible devices and limitations
Warranty: 1-YEAR
Function Diagram
Mobile Devices
  • USB OTG compliant device
Package Content
  • 1 x GOFRH202
  • 1 x Quick Start Guide
  • 1 x Warranty Card
UPC: 881317512116
USB Specification USB OTG
USB USB (female) x 3, micro USB (male)
Power On Green
Flash Memory SD/SDHC/SDXC, microSD/microSDHC/microSDXC
POP Information
10'' Peg Hook 8
6'' Peg Hook 5
Unit Dimensions
Height 0.88" (2.1cm)
Depth 0.81" (1.9cm)
Length 9.5" (24cm)
Inner Pack
Width 7.25" (18.42cm)
Height 7.19" (18.26cm)
Depth 7.19" (18.26cm)
Inner Pack Qty. 12
Unit Package Dimensions
Width 3.38" (8.5cm)
Height 6.69" (17cm)
Depth 1.19" (3cm)
Master Carton
Width 15" (38.1cm)
Height 7.56" (19.2cm)
Depth 7.69" (19.53cm)
Master Carton Qty. 24
Master Carton Wt. 3.9lb (1.77kg)
Inner Pack Wt. 1.65lb (0.75kg)
Unit Pack Wt. 0.11lb (0.05kg)
Unit Wt. 0.048lb (0.022kg)
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IOGEAR GFR304SD SD/Micro SD Card Reader/Writer - USB3.0, Black :: GFR304SD-01

SuperSpeed USB 3.0 SD/Micro SD Card Reader / Writer
IOGEAR's latest card reader / writer is equipped with SuperSpeed USB 3.0.

The SuperSpeed USB 3.0 SD / MicroSD Card Reader / Writer is the perfect solution for super-speed* data and file transferring. Up to 10x faster than USB 2.0 card readers, this new device will transfer data up to 5Gbps! That's fast! Quickly download HD videos, HD photos, and documents to your computer.

The GFR304SD works with all major memory card formats and supports high capacity. The compact design will allow you to take it anywhere, giving you the freedom to share content from you smartphone, or tablet anytime.

The GFR304SD from IOGEAR is also backwards compatible with devices that are under USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 specifications.
Device must be plugged into a USB 3.0 port in order to achieve super-speed rates
Supporting Media List:

SD/SDHC: SD, SDHC, SDXC, MicroSDXC, SD-Pro, SD-Pleomax, SD-Pro C, Ultra II SD, Ultra II Plus SD, SD-Extreme III, SD-Ultra X, SD-Turbo, SD-Supper, SD Max, Mini SD, Mini SD-Pro, Mini SD-Pleomax, MMC, MMC-Pleomax, MMC Pro, HS-MMC, MMC Plus, MMC-Plus Turbo, RS MMC, RS MMC-Pleomax, RS MMC-Speed, RS MMC-Max, MMC Mobile, MMC Mobile-ProC, MMC Mobile-Pocketnet, MMC Micro*
microSD / microSDHC: microSD / microSDHC, T-Flash
Memory Stick: MS, MS-Magic Gate, MS-PRO Magic Gate, HS-MS-PRO Magic Gate, MS-DUO, MS DUO Magic Gate, MS-PRO Duo, HS-MS-PRO Duo, HS- / MS-PRO Duo Magic Gate, MS-PRO Duo-PSP, MS-PRO Duo-Gaming Memory Stick
M2: Memory Stick Micro (M2)
Adapter required.
  • USB 3.0 High Speed data transfer rate up to 5Gbps
  • Supports memory card types including SD / MMC
  • Supports for SDXC cards
  • Compact design for easy mobility
  • Bus powered – NO external AC adapter required
  • Cards Supported:
  • SD
  • SDHC
  • SDXC
  • MicroSD
  • MicroSDHC
  • MicroSDXC
  • MMC II
  • RS MMC
  • Ultra II SD
  • Extreme SD
  • Extreme III SD
  • Warranty:   3-YEAR
Function Diagram
Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7
Available USB port (USB 3.0 port for SuperSpeed mode)

Compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1
Package Contents
1 x SuperSpeed USB 3.0 SD / MicroSD Card Reader / Writer
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x Warranty Card
RoHS Compliance
Function GFR304SD
Dimensions GFR304SD
POP Information
10'' Peg Hook 20
6'' Peg Hook 12
Unit Dimensions
Height 2.5in (6.4cm)
Depth 0.4in (1.0cm)
Length 0.8in (2.0cm)
Inner Pack
Width 4.9in (12.4cm)
Height 7.4in (18.8cm)
Depth 3.4in (8.6cm)
Inner Pack Qty. 6
Unit Package Dimensions
Width 4.6in (11.7cm)
Height 6.6in (16.8cm)
Depth 0.4in (1.0cm)
Master Carton
Width 10.4in (26.4cm)
Height 15.5in (39.37cm)
Depth 7.5in (19.1cm)
Master Carton Qty. 48
Master Carton Wt. 6.5lbs (3.0kgs)
Inner Pack Wt. 0.7lbs (0.32kgs)
Unit Pack Wt. 0.1lb (0.05kgs)
Unit Wt. 0.005lb (0.002kgs)

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