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Millenniata AC70020

Millenniata DVD+R 4.7GB/4X - 10 Pack Spindle, Permanent File Backup Disk :: AC70020

Millenniata M-DISC DVD+R 4.7GB 4X Permanent File Backup Disk, 10 Pack Spindle Cake Box
  • Write Once and Read Forever
  • Build with patented inorganic and synthetic materials that remain stable for at least 1000 years.
  • Data are physically engraved to rock like material within the recording layer of the disk.
  • Resistant to data decay caused by temperature, humidity and sunlight.
  • Perfect for creating permanent backup for individual and business.
  • Write: Any current LG DVD or Blu-Ray writer with M-Disk Ready logo
  • Read: Any DVD drive/ DVD Player that supports the common DVD+R/RW format
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