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NoBrand S5023

6V Alkaline Battery - GP476A (105mA) :: S5023

GP Code:GP476A
Capacity (mAh):105
Cross Reference: A544/ PX28A, 4LR44 , V4034 PX , 4G13, AG13
Dimensions (mm): 13.0X25.5

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NoBrand S4740C

1x 9V NiMH Rechageable Battery (250mA) :: S4740C

Ni-MH batteries do not suffer from memory effect to the extent of NiCads, however they are charged in the same way by the same chargers. They require less discharging
cycles, thus maintaining their charge capacity over a longer life.

8.4V 250mAH Battery
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NoBrand S4746F

4x AA NiMH Rechageable Batteries (2500mA) :: S4746F

Pack of 4 high quality NiMH 2500mAh rechargeable batteries.
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NoBrand A0284

NiCad/NiMh Portable Charger - 4x AA/AAA, 30 Minute Charge :: A0284

Super fast fan cooled 30 minute NiCad and NiMH battery charging from your car accessory socket or 2A suitable plugpack! Suitable for up to four AAA or AA cells, or a combination of both sizes. Each cell has a dual colour LED status indicator showing the state of charge ie: fast or trickle charge. Great for keeping batteries charged when you are miles away from a mains socket!
12V DC operation, includes car accessory socket lead.

Requires M 8935 plugpack & M 9187 adaptor for use with 240V AC mains socket.
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NoBrand A0276

NiCad/NiMH Battery Charger - 10x AA/AAA, 2 x 9V :: A0276

Accepts up to 10 x AA or AAA and 2 x 9V batteries for overnight charging. Includes discharge function for optimum battery performance. Only suitable for charging same size and make of battery at one time. Great for home or in-car use.

Suitable for AA, AAA or 9V batteries
Discharge function
Includes power supply and car accessory plug adaptor
Switches to trickle charge automatically once cells reach max charge
Link to product page    $62.25