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Edimax WS-2003P Smart Wireless Temperature & Humidity Sensor Add-On Accessory
To Suit IC-5170SC Smart Home Connect Kit

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Product Description



  • Connects to your existing Wi-Fi network through IC-5170SC.
  • Transmits temperature and humidity information wirelessly.
  • Automatic alerts to inform you when temperature or humidity exceeds or falls below your settings.
  • Easily pair with IC-5170SC and attach to places you want to monitor remotely.
  • LED for pairing status and low-battery indication. Push alert when the sensorís battery is low.


Makes Your Home More Comfortable

The WS-2003Ps dual temperature and humidity sensor keeps you aware of micro climate changes in your environment. People often receive daily weather reports to choose clothes for warm or cold weather outside but dont know much about indoor conditions.

With better awareness of temperature and humidity levels inside, you can be much more comfortable at home and prevent family from discomfort or health issues caused by dry air or moisture problems. An indoor sensor is an excellent tool to monitor and manage the temperature and humidity inside your home.

The sensor can also be easily fitted into any space where temperature and humidity levels are important to prevent damage to items. You can protect plants, leather, toys and computer, communications or consumer electronics from excessive heat, cold or humidity with the remote monitoring and alerts capability of the sensor.

Works over Wi-Fi & 2.4GHz RF

Works over Wi-Fi & 2.4GHEdimax smart sensors are universally compatible with your existing Wi-Fi network. They work over 2.4GHz RF technology which provides proven, stable and secure wireless data transmission.

Low Battery Alerts

Edimax smart sensors are powered by AAA batteries which are easy to replace. The sensorís low-power design enables long battery life with daily use. When battery levels are low, youíll be informed by the EdiLife mobile app in plenty of time to get replacements.

Health Care

Stay informed and protected.

Rubbing your eyes, sneezing, coughing or feeling itchy at home? Itís likely caused by micro-climate changes in your home. The WS-2003P keeps you aware of invisible temperature and humidity changes with instant warnings that prevent you and your family from discomfort or health issues caused by dry air or moisture problems.


Goodbye to bad indoor conditions.

Since outdoor air pollution is getting worse in our era, itís more important than ever to make your home a place of good health. You really need a high-quality environment sensor to monitor indoor conditions, and make a happier home for your family.

Peace of Mind

Instant alerts with EdiLife app.

Your home is full of irreplaceable things that mean a lot to you. The EdiLife app makes it super easy to use your WS-2003P and monitor indoor conditions. Things like plants, leather, toys and computer, communications or consumer electronics can all suffer badly from excessive heat, cold or humidity if you donít control your environment.

Connects to IC-5170SC for complete range of monitoring

The WS-2003P Temperature & Humidity Sensor works with the IC-5170SC gateway which to offer wider angle views than conventional Wi-Fi cameras, the IC-5170SCís fisheye camera can cover your front door, garage or a whole room without surveillance blind spots. Compared with installations of other cameras on the market, the IC-5170SC not only slashes the cost of devices, storage space and bandwidth Ė but provides more convenience to work with multiple environment sensors to watch and secure your properties at the same time. Itís effective regardless of whether youíre living in a small apartment or a mansion.

180į Panoramic View over IC-5170SC

The IC-5170SC provides a 180-degree panoramic view for an excellent field-of-vision across an entire room. It also can be focused on areas in detail with high quality video streaming. Clearly see your loved one kids, pets or the elder - in every moment to offer you a great peace-of-mind.

Supports up to 32 sensors

Affordable home automation isnt a dream. Pair up to 32 sensors with the IC-5170SC , each type of sensor max 8pcs, and fit the sensors wherever you need around your home. No installation costs. No monthly fees. No subscription required.

Free EdiLife App

Works with the free EdiLife app to provide live views and real-time notifications of events triggered by the multi-environment sensors. With other EdiLife benefits such as push notifications, video and events logs, and more.

Edimax Cloud

Wherever thereís an Internet connection you can always connect with the IC-5170SC using your smartphone.

Flexible Storage Options

Triggered by sensors, recordings from the IC-5170SC can be saved directly to microSD, SDHC, NAS, Google Drive or Dropbox* Ė flexible options for you to save video on the cloud or local storage. Save events directly to your NAS or cloud storage instead of local physical devices for remote backup.

Easy Installation

One touch to pair with the IC-5170SC, and easily attaches to places you want to monitor. No screwdriver required.


WS-2003P  Smart Wireless Temperature
& Humidity Sensor Add-on Accessory for IC-5170SC


66 x 44 x 25 mm


Works with IC-5170SC over existing Wi-Fi network

Radio Frequency



AAA batteries (3 batteries included)

Operating Range

Up to 40 meters indoors

Temperature Range

0 - 50 DegreeC

Humidity Range

20% - 90% RH


EdiLife: free mobile app for iPhone, iPad & Android


 Connects to your existing Wi-Fi network through IC-5170SC.

 Transmits temperature and humidity information wirelessly.

 Easily pair with IC-5170SC and attach to places you want to remotely monitor.

 Battery operated, no wiring necessary.

 LED for pairing status and low-battery indication. Push alert when the sensors battery is low.

 Up to 32 sensors can be used with IC-5170SC wireless dongle. Each type sensor max. 8pcs.

Operating Conditions

0-40 DegreeC

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