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Canon DC-920 DC Coupler for XM2$29.80
Canon CPME4 Battery Magazine - for the CP-E4 Compact Battery Pack$43.45
Canon DR-E15 DC Coupler
- To Suit Canon EOS 100D
Canon LCE5E Battery Charger - for EOS 450D$55.55
Canon CBCNB1 Car Battery Charger$59.45
Canon DR400 DC Coupler (Requires CAPS400)
- For EOS 5D/10D/20D/30D300D
Canon ACK-DC40 AC Adaptor Kit, Includes CA-DC10, DR-40 - for IXUS 85IS$84.10
Canon CB2LVE Battery Charger to suit IXUS 30/40/50/55/60/65/ i Zoom$86.05
Canon ACKDC50 - AC Adaptor Kit inc CA-DC10 and DR-40 to suit PSG10$86.20
Canon ACK-DC30 AC Adaptor Kit$87.75
Canon ACK-DC70 AC Adaptor Kit - To Suit IXUS1000HS Camera$87.75
Canon CB2LXE Battery Charger for IXUS 800IS/850IS/900Ti$96.05
Canon ACK500 AC Power Adapter Kit$100.15
Canon CA570 Compact power adaptor$101.75
Canon CB2LWE Battery Charger (Replaces CB-2LTE) for S80$102.65
Canon AC Adaptor Kit - To Suit PSA3000IS/PSA3100IS$105.50
Canon CBC-E5 Car Battery Charger - for EOS 450D$105.50
Canon CG700 Battery Charger - For HFM52 and HFR32/36$114.35
Canon CA560 - Compact power adaptor $117.45
Canon CBCNB2 Car Battery Charger for the MV 5IMC, MV 6IMC$133.95
Canon ACK-E4 AC Power Adaptor - Suits EOS 1D III$158.65
Canon CBC-E6 Car Battery Charger to suit EOS 5D MKI$191.60


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