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Inca Battery Li-Ion 3.7v 740mAh
- Suits Camedia X-600, D-630 Zoom,FE-150/FE-150 Zoom/FE-160/FE-5500,IR-300, SP-700, Stylus 710 Digital/720SW, 700/ 710/720SW
Inca Battery Li-Ion 3.7v 1090mAh
- Replaces Olympus/Sanyo Li-10B / DB-L10 - Suits Olympus and Sanyo camera models; Camedia 300 digital, 400 digital, C-zoom, X-1, X-2, DSC-J1, M23
Inca Battery Li-Ion 3.7v 710mAh
- Replaces Pentax D-L18 or Fuji NP-40 - Suits Pentax Optio S, Fuji FinePix 402/ F700
Inca Battery Li-Ion 7.4v 700mAh - Replaces Canon LP-E5$36.85
Inca Battery Li-Ion 3.7v 1120mAh
- Replaces Canon NB-5L - Suits Digital IXUS 800IS, IXY Digital 800 IS & PowerShot SD700 IS
Inca Battery Li-Ion 3.7v 650mAh
- Replaces Canon NB-4L - Suits Canon Digital 50/40, IXUS 30, IXUS 40, PowerShot SD200, SD300. digital cameras.
Inca Battery Li-Ion 7.2v 1150mAh - Replaces Olympus PSBLS1$40.45
Inca Battery Li-Ion 3.7v 1150mAh
Inca Battery Li-Ion 3.7v 630mAh
- Replaces Casio NP20 - Suits Casio Exilim EX-M1, EX-M2, EX-S1, EX-S2, EX-S3, EX-S1PM, EX-Z3 cameras
Inca Battery Li-Ion 3.7v 1000mAh
- Replaces CGA-S007, CGA-S007A/1B, CGR-S007E, CGR-S007E/1B, DMW-BCD10 - Suits Lumix DMC-TZ1/TZ1-A/TZ1BK/TZ1BS/TZ1EF-A/TZ1EF-K/TZ1EF-S/TZ1EG-A/TZ1EG-K and more
Inca Battery Li-Ion 7.2v 600mAh
- Replaces Panasonic DMW-BM7, CGA-S002A/1B, CGA-S002E/1B, CGR-S002 - Suits Panasonic DMC-FZ10, DMC-FZ10EG-K, DMC-FZ10EG-S, DMC-FZ15, DMC-FZ15K, DMC-FZ2 and more
Inca Battery Li-Ion 7.4v 750mAh
- Replaces Canon NB-2L & NB-2LH - Suits Canon PC1018, PowerShot S30, S40, S60 digital cameras
Inca Battery Li-Ion 7.2v 3700mAh
- Replaces NP-F330/ F750/ F960 - Suits Sony CCD-TRV47/57/87, DCR-TRV110/120/310/320/520 and the new CCD-TR618/TRV49/TRV78 Hi8 and more
Inca Battery Li-Ion 3.6v 960mAh - Replaces Sony NPFG-01$60.85
Inca Battery Li-Ion 3.7v 1150mAh
- Replaces Panasonic CGA-S006/S006E, CGA-S006E/1B, CGR-S006/S006E & DMW-BMA7 - Suits Lumix DMC-FZ30/BB/EG/EG-K/EG-S/GK/K/S, Lumix DMC-FZ7BB/BS/EB-K/EB-S/EF-K/EF-S/
Inca Battery Li-Ion 7.4v 1100mAh
- Suits Nikon D40/40x
Inca Battery Li-Ion 7.2v 1500mAh
- Replaces BLM-1, PS-BLM1 - Suits Olympus Camedia C-5060 wide/zoom, 8080 wide/zoom, Olympus E-1
Inca Battery Li-Ion 7.4v 1300mAh
- Replaces Nikon EN-EL3 - Suits Nikon Coolpix D-100 & D-100 SLR digital cameras
Inca Battery Li-Ion 7.4v 1620mAh
- Suits D100/D200/D50/D70/D70s/D80


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