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AP : Darkroom Products - Accessories
AP Stainless Steel Film Clips - Set Of 2$13.95
AP Measuring Cylinder - 100ml Measure$14.30
AP Bulk Loader Handle$17.50
AP Measuring Cylinder - 650ml Measure$20.85
AP Metal Film Cassettes - Blister Pack Of 6$21.20
AP Squeeze Bottle - 1 Litre$23.40
AP Plastic Film Clips - Set Of 2$23.50
AP Plastic Print Tongs - Set of 2$24.50
AP Squeeze Bottle - 2 Litre$26.55
AP Measuring Cylinder - 1000ml Measure$27.45
AP 35mm Film Picker$31.80
AP Film Cassette Opener$32.25
AP Plastic Film Wiper/Squeegee Tong$33.05
AP Universal Spare Spiral For AP Development Tank (Classic)$34.70
AP Bulk Film Loader - 35mm Film$169.45
AP Plastic Film Cassettes - Bulk Pack of 100$221.60
AP : Darkroom Products - Lights
AP Lamp For Safelight - 220V/10W$14.40
AP Darkroom Safelight - Red$99.55
AP : Darkroom Products - Tanks and Trays
AP Development Tray - 20 cm x 25 cm (8 inch X 10 inch)$14.35
AP Development Tray - 30 cm x 40 cm (12 inch X 16 inch)$37.50
AP Universal Development Tank (Classic)$54.53
AP Development Tray - 40 cm x 50 cm (16 inch x 20 inch)$55.45


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